Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Mutts, Maids and Attics

Ever since PMR is over, I've got nothing much to do lately. However, there was a few highlights of the week these past few days.

First off, lets start with last Tuesday. Apparently, mom and dad found this mutt (the expensive type) lost at the field outside our house and took her in.

As you can see, she's obviously not a stray because:

a) Its an expensive dog. No pampered dog like that could possibly survive the real world.

b) Even if she were a stray, she would've been eaten already or something like that...

c) She has a collar, which totally seals the deal.

And to top it all off, that mutt was on heat. She's been dropping blood. Why, mom? WHY??? Well, since we've never known the name of the dog, lets call her fuzzball. My dog wasn't too happy about Fuzzball either; she's been whining ever since her arrival.

Anyway, my mom let Fuzzball spend the night here. While I was watching a movie at night, that damn dog WON'T STOP BARKING!!!! That mutt has been barking her head off for no reason. Even my dog had to sit right in front of Fuzzball and stare at her like some kind of retarded creature or something.

I tried everything to shut that dog up; gave the evil eye, came over and smacked her on the head, I even threatened to chop the dog up, boil it in stew, grill it, burn it, and throw it into the oxydation pond! But that made the stupid dog bark all the more! See? this is why I hate keeping stupid dogs like that in the house. I have no idea whats so cute about chihuahuas or shitzus and things like that. To me they're more like accesories rather than pets.

Luckily, just as I was about to blow my head off from all those pointless barking, the owner showed up! THANK GOD that mutt is gone!!

The next day, when I told one of my friends, Nailah about it, she went like "Oh! Does that mean the dog saw a ghost?"



I can't believe that she believes in all those old wives tales! That's just total bullshit!

And lets continue with today, shall we?

Well, starting yesterday, we have this new cleaning lady who comes every morning to clean the house. Her name is Janet and she's from the Philippines. To be honest, I like this new one because we hadn't had another maid since 3 months ago. She speaks english and she's really hardworking. She even cleaned the impossible places without being asked to like cleaning my bookshelves. You have no IDEA how messy my bookshelf is, its all piled up with books and you practically need a shovel to find a book in there! As soon as I came into my room, it looked like as if a fairy came into my room and transformed it!

Its soo amazing! It would've taken me one whole day to accomplish something like this.
Later in the afternoon, my mom discovered a leakage and wanted to check out the attic which is in my room...

Throught my whole life living in this house, I've never entered the attic before. So to me, its like another dark world up there in that black hole.

Mom and dad went in first. After a while, I've finally climed up as well.

As I climbed up the shaky ladder, my dog, Speedy came along and seemed to be waving goodbye at me.

It was pretty dark up there and looking down at my bedroom, it looked like a different world down there.

So THIS is what the attic looks like eh? Well, I never really knew that I have an attic anyway. As I was coming down, Speedy was on my bed. Usually, this is a no-no in my room, but its only because she wanted to climb up too, so whatever...

Man, how bored could I possibly get?

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  1. what a cute dog!
    just give it to me...

    I dint climb before the roof...
    i'm afraid of it...
    you are so brave^^


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