Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Singing Our School Proud

This would probably be my first post about my school in SMK Bandar Baru Sungai Long. Its located in my hometown which makes things easier in terms of transport and money. I transferred to this wonderful school last year and I'm now part of our school choir.

It all started right after our PMR exams. Our principle announced that our school has been chosen as one of the top 5 schools for the best BOSS (Bilik Operasi SPBT Sekolah). Its the place where all the textbooks are well taken care of because in government school, we borrow our textbooks. Not only that, we were given the privellege to host the celebration on the 7th November!

Thus, as the form 3 students are quite free now, we were told to help out with the preparations while others are to start practicing their performances for our guests. There were 2 available performances in which I may join; kikir barat (where they sit and sing, or something like that) or choir.

Mr. Willeam, our dicipline teacher began dragging students out to join the group as nobody seemed to voluteer. Whats more, he recognizes me from church as I'm a member of the church choir as well and dragged me out too. At first I protested, but then, I gave in because first of all, I'm kinda afraid of Mr. Willeam. Second, I was bored and my freinds are joining too. So, what the heck, I joined anyway.

The practice was long and agonizing (am I exaggerating too much?), but we did have some fun on the way. Here's the outfit we wore on the big day:

Let me tell you this, its soo DAMN HOT wearing it! We looked like waiters and waitresses out to serve the guests. Give us a tray and we're ready to serve!

We also learned that two TV crews were coming to film the whole event that day and we were so excited! As we stood by the side of the stage, ready to welcome our VIPs with our fingers crossed, the sound of the booming kompangs was heard and we saw the flower girls followed by the VIPs enter our school.

When our guests were finally settled down, we began by leading the song 'Negaraku', our national anthem with all our hearts followed by another song, 1Malaysia.

As we sang the last note of the song, we bowed and left for our classroom. During our free time, my friends and I began taking taking pictures of ourselves.

Out of random note, the guy on the right is Sean. He's a bit camera shy because he's quite reluctant to have his picture taken at first. I told him that he looked great and looks like a porn star. He seemed quite pleased about it!

When the prize giving session came, our school was announced as the best in the BOSS category! Everybody cheered and clapped for our school. For the first time in my life, I actually felt proud of my school because it was the first time that I had ever experienced school spirit. Back in private school, I couldn't recall any big events like these before or any extra school activities we had to attend to. For once, I enjoy going to school!

I never thought government school was this fun, I always thought that it was a rough school with undiciplined students and uncaring teachers. Going to SMKBBSL actually changed my views about the world and I've realized how arrogant I was just because I attended private school. I now realized how dull my life was being surrounded by rich kids and stuck up snobs (except my friends, I really do love you guys). In government school, I met all kinds of people; rich, poor, smart, dumb, good, bad and even gay students. You name it!

2008 has really changed my life. I hated it at first, but now, I love it. I actually cried when I first transferred to a new school because I left my friends, my crush, my teachers and I was stuck in a totally different environment with nobody I knew and not knowing how their systems work. It was pretty scary, but, I'll survive.

By the way, I thought our choir group was pretty awesome that day! Great job everyone!

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