Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 1: HFK Form 3 Camp, Port Dickson

Yet another camp from the church and I was really excited! This time, the form 3 students from Cathetism class are going to Port Dickson for our camp, while the form 1 and 2 students are to go to Semenyih for their camp at the same time.
When I first arrived at the church at 6.45 a.m, I could only find the form 1 and 2 students about, but none of my classmates are to be found! Well, as my luggage was quite heavy for me to carry for sometime (must've packed in too many 'just in cases'), I used the rollers and dragged it down the road to look for the others.

It soon got pretty embarassing for me to drag the bag on the road, making loud, unnessary noises, also causing people to turn their heads to look at me. At first, I walked slowly, so that there would be less noise. No use, there are still others looking at me. Finally, I ran to the other side making an even louder noise but just to get it over with. By the time I made it there, I found the others over the other side where I started from again!

Of course, I carried my bag this time and gingerly made my way over to our teacher Christine to register myself there. In our group, we have an equal number of boys and girls; 14 boys and 14 girls. What a nice number!

When we've reached our destination at last, everybody gathered their rubbish and collected their luggages as we alighted the bus.

The venue of our camp was held at the Methodist centre, Port Dickson. Its has a huge area, including a football and volleyball field, dormitrys, a canteen, toilets, and not forgetting a hall for us to conduct our activities.

Before we started our first session, we were each given a brown envelope to write our names on. This is because we were to do this activity called 'Guardian Angels' during our camp. Everybody has to pick a random name and the person you pick will be your mortal. This means that as their guardian angel, you are supposed to write something positive about your mortal and put it in their envelope which will be hung at the hall along with the others. Of course, the person you picked should be a secret until the end of the camp, so, I won't reveal my mortal until then.

This is my envelope! Isn't it pretty???

During our first session, we were having this discussion about weather we would die for our faith or not. During this time, our speaker that time was Branden who asked for a voluteer from the boys who would guarantee that they would die for their faith. Our brave hero who came out was Victor.

So this was his test, Branden asked him, "Would you die for you faith right now?" and Victor answered, "Yes?"


And so, our next brave hero was Marcus!

Marcus: Ohh damn.... here it comes......

WTF? What taking so long???

Little that he knows that Branden was right at the back ready to come running into him with the pillow!

Branden: HERE I COME

Marcus: AHHHHH!!


So anyway, we had the ice breaking activities such as remebering each others name and getting to know more about each other. After that, we had lunch.

Eventually, our talks about the 7 deadly sins led to lust, where I learned A LOT during that session.... *shivers* Poor Christine must've been pretty embaressed on talking about it, like how do people masturbate, and our 'body parts'....

When the time came for us to take a break, we had planned to go to the beach at first, but unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs that day! So, we ended up taking a bath while others chose their beds in the girl's dormitry.

For me, I prefer to sleep at the bottom deck so that I would be able to sleep in the darkness (I can't stand sleeping with the lights on), plus, I wouldn't have to climb up and down the bed, which is quite a nuisance to me, especially if I forgot something.

We then proceeded to the canteen for tea time and played UNO cards there.

We then gathered again at the hall for our rosary session and after that, we had dinner. Right after dinner, we played 'Pepsi Cola' with the others outside the hall.

Presenting, the losers of the group!

Like the last youth camp, we too had this Inner Healing session. Once again, I really didn't feel like crying at all! There were people hugging and crying and I was like talking to myself in my head, "Hey, um..... I believe this is the part where you are supposd to cry hysterically now?" But I just can't shed a tear, not even a sniffle like some of the guys were doing then.
Well, in the dark room, Branden began singing praises to God while playing on his keyboard as Marcus was walking over to each person and pray over them.
Not long after he prayed over me, I saw Stephanie down on the floor! Oh not again! Then the guy next to her fell down as well. Soon, one after the other, there was quite a number of people already down on the floor weeping silently.
I feel so left out! Oh why can't I feel sorrowful like them???
After the Inner Healing session was over, we formed a circle in the hall for the washing of the feet session. We were told to first think of the person whom we think have hurt the most. Then, we were told to also think of the person who have hurt us the most too and focus on these two people in our heads.
As we thought about those two people in our minds, there was a basin and a bucket of water placed before us. Then, we were supposed to wash the feet of the person on our left by first imagining washing the feet of the persom whom we have hurt the most and then wash the other feet while thinking of the person who has hurt us the most. After that is done, we are to give the person a big bear hug as a sign of forgiveness. This is the teaching of humility and forgiveness.
When everybody has already washed each other's feet, we were also told to wash the feet of the person who has hurt us in that very room or the person who we have hurt. Everybody began crossing the room to wash each other's feet except for me, because I honestly couldn't remember anybody in that room who has hurt me, nor do I remember anybody whom I may have hurt. But if there was anybody who I may have hurt, then please accept my sincere apology.
When everybody was done, the session was over.
During the free time at night, I began writing positive notes for the guardian angel thing. Although we may have our mortal, we are also free to write to whomever we please. So along with my mortal's letter, I wrote a few other letters for those I believe that really needs some cheering up. I even wrote something random like 'Nice hair!' or 'Keep staying beautiful' for some lucky random people.
After that, I retired for the night.

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