Monday, March 1, 2010

Milestone of Independance

I know to most people, this may not be one of the most astonishing or impressive stories one have heard of before. But to me, I believe it is an accomplishment of independance. Yes, I've finally used the public bus for the first time in my life!

Before that, it never occured to me that I've done many things most kids my age don't do; I have snorkelled among sharks, became a scuba diver, traveled by airplane without an adult, gone rock climbing, been parasailing, became a young journalist, and many more! I've done so many things, yet, I can't take the public bus?

Recently, the fact that I have not been on a public bus bothered me for quite sometime as I'm turning 16 this friday and all this time, my parents were my only transport. Not anymore!

After I finished my extra classes, I headed straight for the bus stop in front of my school. As I waited for the bus to arrive, I began to have second thoughts; what if I don't make it? What if I went to the wrong place instead? What am I supposed to do anyway?

All these thoughts swirlled in my mind and I began to feel nervous. Its hard to do something you've never done before especially being all alone without anybody to guide you. 10 minutes later, a bus arrived and the rest of the students began to board the bus. There's no turning back now. Its now or never.

I was the last one to enter the bus. I learned that my trip only takes 50 cents which is cheap. Lucky for me, I met a friend who was taking the public bus too. As the bus began to move, I quickly learned what is there to know about the public bus. It never occured to me that you can stop the bus anytime by pushing the red button located at the rails.

The bus went past my house and straight for the next bus stop. When we've finally reached there, everybody went for the bus exchange while I walked the rest of the way back home. Thank goodness my house is less than a 5 minute walk!

Mom was surprised to see me back early and all alone. She didn't believe me when I first told her that I took the public bus in the beggining. But, she believed me in the end.

I'm so proud that I can do things on my own without guidance. This is another milestone towards my journey of independance :)

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