Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artsy Fartsy With Luke and Madeline

Its been a looong week! Just came back from school after the open book test. So far so good. The only thing standing in my way now is that friggin Accounts test! Even if I could cheat or look at a book, I still don't get it. Who the hell says that Accounts is easier than Science!?

But anyway, I feel like I haven't been posting updates with pictures in it and I don't have much to do. So, I thought I'd better finish something I should have done a long time ago. This time, my subject is about my nephew and niece, Luke and Madeline.

So about Madeline, she likes dressing up, Barbie dolls, princesses and shopping (yeah, believe it or not).

By the way, that dress is mine (don't get the wrong idea!). I had it when I was 6 years old when I had a ballet concert. Our theme was Beauty and the Beast so the dress is supposed to look like Belle's ball gown.

I kept all my barbie dolls (but I don't play with them anymore) and that dress 'cause it looked so pretty that I didn't have the heart to give it away. So, when Madeline came to stay, she had a blast!

But not for me, she keeps following me everywhere I go and she likes to copy me as well. And don't go telling me that its cute or thats normal because I'm very well aware of that but I can't deny that it is really annoying.

As for Luke, he likes action figures, soldiers and Kung Fu. And he's quite agile for his age too.

Sometimes I play badminton with him and he's pretty good for a first timer. One time, I wrestled him to the ground because he was misbehaving by kicking and punching at me. We stayed on the ground for quite sometime despite his constant struggle while I was watching TV :P

And there was the day mom decided to let them do some artwork on a plain white T-shirt. We brought out the materials like paint, brushes and stuff.
Then we took it outside for them to paint!
Meanwhile, mom was there to help supervise them.

Luke was done shortly after. So, he got out the old scooter and began... erm.... scooting.

He's not allowed outside though. And that's exactly what my dog, Speedy told him. After that, he met the neighbour dog, Tao Tao.

Although Speedy hates Tao Tao to the guts, Tao Tao on the other hand have always wanted to be her friend.

And here's the final product of Luke and Madeline's masterpiece!

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