Friday, April 9, 2010

The Joy of Easter

Ah! The day Jesus was resurrected after being crucified; the biggest miracle of all. Plus, this easter is one of those special easters when my grandma shares her 82nd birthday on that same day!

So on the first day of easter, our whole family headed off for Johor Bahru to celebrate my grandma's birthday. During that time, cousin *Bob was fast asleep and because Sam happened to have lip gloss, I had this twisted idea to give him a makeover!

Aww..... isn't that sweet?

Cousin *Bob and *Billy Bob XD

When we were at the restaurant where grandma's birthday was to be held, there was lots of food!!

Check it out! It even has dried ice somewhere at the bottom so that it has this smokey effect O.O Even this one!

Those were prawns I believe, absolutely delicious! Grandma has always wanted to try one of these. At least, that's what I heard.

Did I mention that the Bishop came to celebrate grandma's birthday as well?

We had such a wonderful time in the end and I think its one of the best Easter yet! How was your Easter?

* Note that the names mentioned above are not their real names. But, their picture is already up which totally defeats the point :P

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