Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Night with Kelly Clarkson!


Don't believe me? Look what I've got!

I was soo surprised when I came back home from school last Friday to see mom with 5 tickets to the concert in her hands! Its my very first concert!!

I came with my bro Daniel, cousin Sam and Jon and Roann, a friend of mine.

I'm telling you, there are no words good enough to express our excitement when coming to the concert. I was even prepared to dress up as a reporter, go backstage and meet Kelly Clarkson to 'interview' her.

We arrived around sevenish and the place is crowded! There are all kinds of people selling souveniers as well as people giving out freebies, which, of course, is my favourite!

Check out all the stuff I got by the time I got to my seat! Free of charge! I love freebies!

That's the stage where the performance will take place.

Check out all the excited fans out there! We're all soo excited even before it was time for Kelly to perform!

To kick start the concert, our first Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor was there to perform.

Surprisingly, she sang pretty well. In fact, I liked it! She sang some of the few well known songs in Malaysia such as Lagenda.

Next came another Asian celeb, Suki, winner of 'One in a Million' 2006. She entered with a 15k dress with a long train and a violin.

This time, however, she sang a Malay song which she hasn't done in a long time!

Then, we saw a silver van slowly heading towards the stage. The lights were dimmed and then....


It was soooo awesome! There were live music and lights everywhere! We were all so excited that we screamed our lungs out especially Roann, whose scream is sharp and piercing!

There were even those few guys behind us who were standing up the whole time, dancing and singing throughout the entire show.

During the performance, some of my favourite songs that she sang were:
Because of You
Since You've Been Gone
All I Ever Wanted

And there was this fun song that I really liked but, I didn't get the title..

We all sang(and shouted) till we ran out of voice.

After the show, we bought souveniers because the price was cheaper compared to that before the show. At first the guy said it costs RM10 and I was like no way.

Then, after the show, I saw another guy selling stuff for RM10 as well and I walked away. But then, this other guy who sold the same thing said its RM5 and I totally stopped at my tracks.

I could see that everybody was in a merry mood! I even saw two crazy white girls dressed in black singlets and glowing bright red devil horned headbands sticking their heads out of the car roof shouting, "KELLY CLARKSON SAW US MAN! SHE SAW US! AND SHE WAS LIKE I'M GONNA MEET YOU AT YOUR HOME TONIGHT AND..." I didn't catch what they said.

During the entire half hour, they were still up there shouting at the car next to them who looked extremely uncomfortable. And they waved their hands in the air going, "FACEBOOK! FACEBOOK!!!!"

Crazy fans....

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