Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Readup #7

This is what's gonna happen to you when you're in highschool; its a battlefield.

It tests your patience. Just the other day when I was at tuition, I was waiting for the teacher to mark my worksheet and so I waited...

10 minutes later...
it wasn't marked yet.

20 minutes later...
I came back to the teachers desk and its not marked yet.

30 minutes later...
Trying to remind the teacher that I still exist.

35 minutes later...
looking around for a hidden camera. I swear I must be in MTV's Boiling Point. No success.

40 minutes later...
Dreamnt about the classic; coming to school half naked; I was only wearing the shirt.

50 minutes later...
FINALLY! Its marked!

And the reason why it took the teacher so long to mark my worksheet is because one after another, 3 guys including my brother kept taking turns one after the other to ask the teacher about their work! And it has been going on for about 50 minutes or even more!

The worst part is when we're finally done, my brother was like, "Teacher said you can go home right after you're done." I swear I felt like strangling him! Except, his neck is too big, he's too tall and he'd probably kill me if I attempted that.

Even today, it was raining cats and dogs! Right after I finished school, it began to rain heavily with lightning and thunderstorm. As I made my way to the bus stop just outside the school, I was splashed into a huge puddle, soaked by the rain and my bag weighs a ton as I had to put all my books into my bag to save them from getting wet.

The only shelter I had on my way to the bus stop was my P.E shirt.

By the time I reached there, my shoes became little swimming pools for my feet and basically, I was soaked head to toe. Unfortunately, the shirt wasn't much help.

And then came the bus. It was cold in there because not only was I wet, I also had to endure the air condition blowing at me the whole time. I looked outside the window to see the place all flooded. At this point, I was beginning to think that taking the bus wasn't such a good idea.

When the bus reached my stop, with my heavy bag of bricks (books), I ran all the way(okay, maybe walked a bit) uphill to my house. On the way, a car went pass me and the people in the car was looking at me and kinda smiled at me. I don't know weather it was the look-at-that-girl-running-with-a-t-shirt-on-her-head kind of smile or just the normal hello smile, but, I couldn't care less.

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