Monday, July 26, 2010

Parties and Crappy Muffins

What up my dear readers? Sorry for the boring posts lately. Nothing much has happened to me lately. No story about boys, school or anything. Nada.

*sigh* Sometimes, my life can be so dull.

So anyway, I might as well recall what has been going on in my life so far. Hmm.... recently, I was at a class party which is organized by Mr. Balan, my Accounts tutor. I've heard that he's one heck of a great teacher and most of his students are straight A students.

A dirty little secret about Mr. Balan; he's bald. Its not real hair.

It was a pretty good party I guess. We have an unlimited supply of pizza (unfortunately, I don't really like cheese).

That's Roann's lil' bro Roanld with my lil' bro, Daniel. They're both the same age just like me and Roann!

We also had a talent contest. Just do whatever you want. Roann and I attempted to do a scene from Mr. Bean, but we didn't win. I can't believe it was the kid who wasn't even participating won!

Total WTF moment.

All he did was just do a lousy breakdance when the music was on and he won just like that!

I like this guy's performance anyway. I like his wig. Yeah, another one with fake hair.

And here's the winner of the best dressed female of the night (the cute one, not Roann). And yes, you guessed it, that's her little sister, Rowina.

Did you know that everybody in Roann's family's name starts with an 'R'?
Including the dog!

Ah yes! It during one of my baking frenzy that I came up with this crap.

Seriously, you don't wanna eat it.

I could bake all kinds of stuff actually, cakes and cookies are one of my specialties. But muffins are one of the things I have yet to conquer.

"Muffins are the easiest things to make..."

You have no idea how many times I've tried making muffins. I've looked up so many recipes and tried different tactics.

But they all ended up the same; one moment they look all fab when taken out of the oven, the next, they've all sunken in.

This recent muffin however, managed to stay up for a loooong time! This was an accomplishment for me. Unfortunately, there was one GIANT fatal flaw; its totally inedible!

Its as hard as rock! I can barely chew let alone swallow! It was probably one of the biggest failures ever that I had to throw the whole batch away. I couldn't bear to look at it...

=[ sadface

So in the end I decided to make one of my successful creations; Butter cake and chocolate cookies.

Screw the muffins!

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