Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SMS- How The Heck do you do it!?

Ever come across the time when you're talking to someone while he/she is texting someone else continuously without even looking at you?

Isn't it annoying and rude?

Or how about the times when someone won't stop texting you 24/7?


Sometimes it makes me wonder; how do you guys do it???

I mean, sure! Its the most trendiest thing to do these days. I guess most people are shy to call each other nowadays, I dunno. Plus, you can do this quietly too.

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd prefer to talk to the person rather than waste my time looking for the 'R' or the symbols and stuff like that. Why, I came across this guy I met who won't stop texting me, it drives me nuts!

No kiddin! Everyday its 'Good morning, Anne!' or 'Gud 9, Anne!' and stuff like that. Most of all, he always asks me, 'Free?'

Oh for Pete's sake! Leave me alone! He likes to talk about how childish he is and what did I think about Pokemon?

Whether I'm at the movies, tuition, or even when I'm asleep, he's always texting me!! Dang!

My inbox is probably jammed full of his messages right now. He's nice, but clingy.

But some of the things I don't like is when people gives you LONG text messages about their problems and I barely even know them!

For example, there's this girl whom I met 6 years ago. Suddenly, after all these years, she calls me and bombards me with all her problems about this girl she's obsessed with for more than half an hour! And that's only when I stopped the conversation.

God knows how much longer would she actually talk about this girl.

Worst of all, I'm not a very good listener. I'm not even listening to half of what she's saying! All I ever do is go "Uh huh,", "Yeah.", "Oh, I see" etc, etc...

Now don't go thinking I'm insensitive or something. Sure! I'm happy to talk to her again, but, why start a friendship with negative stuff? Plus, when she told me about that girl she's obsessing over and how she sees her everywhere and anywhere, it kinda creeps me out. She wanted to go out with me.

Nooo thank you!

However, sometimes when I'm feeling bored texting is another way to kill some time. But I don't think I could keep up with all those speed texting and stuff. It should be some sort of skill or something.

Thus, I'm killing some time right now so don't hate me if you love texting. I think its genius!

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