Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to Nature in Genting (Day 1)

What's up, my dear readers?

So what's been going on with my life so far? I've just came back from the most adventurous camp ever in Awana Genting last weekend.

It so happened that The Star newspaper was one of the sponsors of this event. So, they've decided to send two Brats to go for the camp and I was one of the lucky two! Yay!!

The other Brat who came along was Kai Tying, who was from the same workshop as me last year. (Being the silly blur one, I was like ,"So Kai Tying, which workshop were you from?" and then she said, "Ipoh." Oops.)

Sorry Kai Tying, do forgive my forgetfulness. Sometimes, I'd walk into a kitchen and wonder why did I go there in the first place.

But aside from that, I had no idea Awana Genting Hotel had a Longhouse! Its big enough to fit 100 people in there!

This private place is just next to the hotel right in the middle of a jungle so we're being as close to nature as possible. Its all about the environment!

26 other readers of The Star newspaper who won in the contest also came along for the camp. Plus, we get to bring a friend!

This time, I brought Melissa with me.

She's pretty fun to be with.

So we were divided into 4 groups and we had to come up with a name. Ours was such an awesome name: Green Tigers!

The other 3 groups were team Durian, Horn bill and Four Leaf Clover. We've played plenty of fun games together for the past two days.

Aside from that, for a place in the jungle, the facilities are surprisingly squeaky clean! I mean, check out the canteen!

Ooh!! So fancy!

There's even a waiter and a buffet dinner too! I feel like a VIP.

Here's some of the wonderful people I've met during the two day camp!

Right after dinner, somehow or the other, we all eventually got in a 'circle' and began to tell random stuffs about ourselves. The most interesting one was when one of the facilitators was like, "I have a 2-year-old son!"

*gasp* And then she went, "Just kidding!"

Boy, did she get us good! I really fell for that one!

Ooh! And then, we were told to get into our groups and write down what we expected from the camp into a mahjong paper. Here's what we came up with:

And then, and then, we went for a moonlight walk!

I'm surprised that it wasn't very cold at all though. It was rather disappointing...

On the way, we saw FIREFLIES!! It was the first time I've ever seen a firefly before and it was rather exciting for me.

At first, I couldn't see because I thought fireflies would constantly be lit up all the time but apparently, their lights goes on and off.

And then, this photographer used this super bright flash on us which made me see bright spots everywhere and so this confuses me with the fireflies too.

When we came back, there's this bonfire that greeted us and I was like, "So where's the marshmallows??" But, there isn't any. Dang!

We all gathered round the campfire and shared what we've learnt so far and stuff. You get the deal.

We had supper after that and at 12 midnight, they just came and switched off the lights.

Talk about punctual!

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