Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gone Fishing

Hello my dear readers!

Aha! You thought my holiday in Singapore ended there, eh? You thought wrong!

Just to get things in detail, right after my adventure in Universal Studios, we went about in Vivo city the next day.

Honestly, the things that we did there was a bit of a blur because the only thing I could remember was eating at the "No Signboard" restaurant and it was one of the most memorable meals I've ever had!

But it wasn't the prawn that caught my attention, it was the crabs!

It was the best crab I ever eaten in a long time and although its size was a whooping 1.2kilos, the waitresses even had to come to apologize to us because their crabs are too small!

Too small? TOO SMALL!!??

Hello? 1.2kilos isn't small, its quite big actually and their crabs can be as big as 2.5kilos, even 2.7kilos!

What's more, if the size of the crab didn't amaze you, you'd be surprised by its meat! Its solid and sweet. Plus, the crab is full of eggs! They're all females!

Unfortunately, I don't have the picture of the crabs because my hands were too dirty to handle the camera and I couldn't get my hands off the crabs the moment I saw it. Its irresistible!

After the grand meal, which of course wasn't cheap either, we headed for Johor Bahru to stay with my godparents.

The next day, we went fishing! Woo Hoo!!

But first, we had some breakfast of Bak Kut Teh in the middle of nowhere, which is somewhere at the highway.

Surprisingly, for a place in the middle of nowhere, this place is pretty popular. During the first few minutes we were there, there were cars being parked until it was a full house!


We then headed off to Mersing to buy some food and bait(for the fish).

Look at the little kitty! Its looks as if it was about to pounce on one of those dead fish.

We then headed off to the jetty in order to get to the Kelong by boat. Mom wasn't so pleased with my packing skills because it turns out that I'm the only one with two bags full of stuff (which I might need in case of emergency in my defense!), while everybody else has got one bag each and its not even full!

How is that even possible??

Isn't my baby brother so big??

Its so nice to have a holiday with the family!

You know what? For a kelong, this place is really clean! Including the toilet. It was only after we settled down that we started fishing.

I wanted to catch myself a 3 kilo Garupa for dinner but, alas! No such luck!

Oh well, at least I managed to catch 2 little fishes which I used as live bait and lost it to those darn Barracudas!

Stupid Barracudas...

Look at all these fishies!

In the evening, we went to the beach just for fun.

Look at the shape of this shell I found! Its a heart!
And now, its time to go back to the kelong....

For a BBQ!! Yay!!

Ah! And just a BBQ tip, weather you're in the beach or in the backyard, you can try BBQing a fish with its scale on and it should be covered all over with salt!

Trust me, it'll be absolutely delicious!

The best fish for this kind of BBQ would be a Telapia because its a pretty oily fish so most of its moisture would be trapped in its body while its been cooked.

All you have to do is to clean out its guts, cover it all over with plenty of salt, and you put it on the grill for about 15 minutes. Once its done, just open its skin and just taste the softness of its meat. Its also salted just right because its scale is protecting the meat from all that salt on the outside.

Try it! Its simple and quick. Plus, its a guarantee that it'll be unforgettable!

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