Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Heart Universal Studios!

Don't these costumes look great??


I'm finally back home with free internet and its so good to be back!

I had a fantastic time in Universal Studios, Singapore. The moment I stepped into the place, I felt like running around like a maniac because I was so excited!!

There's something about this place that gives a vibrant air to it.

I mean, look at it! The scene of New York City is recreated in Singapore down to the last detail, it almost looks as if we weren't in Singapore anymore!

There's dad with the yellow cab!

And here's what Hollywood looks like:

Its really great over there!

There's the smell of candy in the air, and some jazzy music was playing on the loudspeakers so it really makes you feel like you're in a whole new different city, or a movie!

As soon as we finished the New York City zone, we just walked into a whole new different sci-fi scene and the music went techno!

However, I was a bit disappointed with the sci-fi because there wasn't much to see and that big roller coaster you saw in that photo just now?

CLOSED! Aww......

So anyways, a few seconds later, we stepped into the Egyptian scene!

You MUST try out this ride!

OMG! Its the most freakiest, scariest, AWESOMEST ride I've ever been to in my life (so far)!!

Its the first roller coaster ride I've ever been to that can reverse, go round in circles and its full of surprises! I was so freaked out during the ride and I was screaming my lungs out!

Its a dark ride, so you wouldn't know what's gonna happen next.

As soon as the roller coaster ride was going towards the end and slowing down, without thinking, I shouted , "ARE WE DONE YET???" and everybody started laughing.

Boy, I didn't even realize that I said it out loud...

The Jurassic Park has got the most rides I think..

There's this other ride which is more of a boat ride where its most likely that you're gonna get wet, maybe even soaked and it was pretty scary for me when I was in that ride because of the dinosaurs which gets really close to you.

At first, everything looks all calm and peaceful during the first few minutes of the ride. Then, disaster strikes!

I've gotta admit though, it is a fun ride anyway. Luckily, I went on that ride just as soon as I'm about to leave the place at the end of the day so that I didn't have to go about soaking wet the whole day.

And there's Far Far Away from Shrek!

Here, there's not many rides but shows. They have the 4D show where Donkey would sneeze and a spray of water would splash your face and another show where you actually get to talk to Donkey himself!

Remember this fountain from Shrek the Third?

And guess who I met later on??

I love this ad!

We then stepped off to Madagascar!

Just in luck! They started the show when we first got there!

The penguins are probably my favorite characters because they're soo cute!!

Eventually, we came across this place where a show is about to start called Water World.

Its a show where they reenact the scene from the movie Water World using special effects and noises and stuff, so its a pretty cool show!

Before the show began, these guys came out with water guns and stuff and began to spray water onto the people siting at the water zone!

Now that's what I call fun! I wish I had their job!

Thank God I chose to sit at the dry zone!

It was a great show! And it looked so real!

There's all those fire and gun shots and the sound effects, it was an amazing show!

Sometimes, there are plenty of characters from different movies would pop out once in a while. Like Frankenstein!

This guy freaked me out when I was trying to take his picture. He saw me and got so close to me and I was a bit scared at first.

He poked my nose and went away.


Just look at those souvenirs!

In the end, look what I got:

I had such a wonderful time in Universal Studios. The next time I visit Universal Studios, it'll be in L.A.!

And that's a promise.

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