Thursday, September 2, 2010

Funtime In Singapore!

Hello my dear readers!!

Yes, believe it or not, I'm in the Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore on a school day!! Yipee!! So while everybody is our there either in school or in tuition, I'm camwhoring in the Hard Rock Hotel's elevator!

Their elevator has got shiny diamonds everywhere! Can you believe it?


So here's the room I'm staying at.

Check out their bathroom!

And look at the view!

Not long after, we took a walk outside the hotel into the Festive walk and guess who I met on the way??

Its the Thinker!

Ooh! And there's the famous Universal Studios Globe! It's definitely a MUST to take a picture with it.

We then walked over to Hershey's...

I just LOVE the smell of candy! Mmm.....

Giant chocolate bar!!

The Festive walk has got loads of stuff to see!

Love the sign!

You should definitely try the Garret's popcorn next to Hershey's!

Can't find it? Follow your nose!

All I can say is, BEST POPCORN EVER!!

Its big and crunchy, and it has this sweet with a hint of salty taste which completes the perfect taste of the popcorn!

It also come in different flavors such as caramel and cheese!

Well, we then went on the tall tower to see the whole of Sentosa!

Isn't it amazing??

Oh! Then its dinner time at the Chillis!

If you're there for the first time with a few friends, I'd recommend that you try the rack of ribs.

Its the BEST RACK OF RIBS I've had so far! This one here is a full rack of ribs with 12 bones and the four of us (my family) shared the ribs.

The sauce is sweet and tangy, the meat is soft and tender and the moment you cut the meat, it slides right off the bone effortlessly! MMmmmm......

Also, you've just gotta try the dessert!

It was the most sinful, yet awesomest dessert I've ever had! Ever!

The volcano shaped cake is actually warm with hot chocolate sauce in the middle topped off with one large scoop of cold vanilla ice cream with more chocolate on top!

I swear, its like taking a bite of heaven out of it! Hot 'n Cold! Mmmm......

The day ended with a lighting show at the Lake of Dreams.

I would like to post my next blog about Universal Studios but unfortunately, I'm only allowed to use the broadband for 1 hour, and its pretty expensive in Singapore.

So stay tuned for my next blog post! I swear I'll tell you all about the great times I've had over there!

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