Monday, October 25, 2010

Exams Should be Illegal

If there is one wish I could have to make the school a happy place, I'd wish that exams should be banned!

Geez, like what's point of taking exams that won't be useful to us in the future like sejarah or add maths? Sure, you'd be a little smarter, but how often to people apply these knowledge in their daily lives?

No housewife would go "Gee, I wonder whats the volume of a cylinder minus the volume of water if the radius is 7 cm." when they're looking at a recipe. And no teacher would go asking their students to bring 400ml of H2O pressurized at 27p, at the temperature of 25 degrees when they're only asking for tap water!

And what's up with taking written exams for Physical Education? That doesn't even make sense! Physical Education is supposed to be for physical stuff not written stuff. If that's the case, even an obese person can get an A+ for PE.

Like wtf.

And yes, if you're wondering. I am having my final exam. 3 weeks of hell.

If only we had no exam. If only...

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