Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Again!?

Remember that bitch back in Highschool who single handedly ruined your teenage life?

Guess what? She's your new sister-in-law!!

OMG, if that ever happens to me, I swear I'll take drastic measures to make her life HELL!

Which reminds me of back when I was in primary school, there's this girl named *Lulu. When I was the new kid in school, my first impression of her was that she was the nicest girl I've ever met.

Boy, was I WRONG!

She's smart, pretty, and she's very charming, except for her enormous buck teeth. Little did I know that she was absolutely, disgustingly, two-faced!

She'd stuff chicken wings into one of my friend's shirt, she'd trick me into giving her a ride to another friend's place, telling me that there's a party when she only wanted to go there to meet some boys I don't know while I sat at a corner.

She'd occasionally read the Reader's Digest and use the most newly-learned vulgar words on me like, "Anne, you are utterly ugly." and say she's just practicing. She'd push me down during PE and tell me that I'm rough and she'd take advantage on my friends by gate crashing into her house, uninvited!

Plus, she thinks she's so popular when I know PLENTY who thinks she's being a total ass too.

What's more, she's so.. open. Like she'd go "Before I get married, I wanna have sex first." or "People without armpit hair but have pubic hair are very clean! I have NO armpit hair but my pubic hair are soo LONG!"

Like, WTF!? Who cares about your friggin PUBIC HAIR!!??

Worst of all, she's so polite to the adults and always acts so sweet and innocent whenever necessary. And that makes me sick.

If I ever see her again, I just wanna...

But the reason why this lovely witch is so memorable to me is because Lulu is the most pretentious, daring, scheming, rude, egoistic 12-year-old, yes 12-year-old I've ever met!

God knows what she's like now that we're 16. I thank my lucky stars that she has moved to another country!

*name has been changed to protect the bitch.

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