Monday, November 15, 2010

The Aussie Life

G'day from Melbourne, Australia!!

The weather today is cloudy and its temperature is 10 degrees Celsius! Brrrr..... (but some days can tahan lah...)

Living in a whole different environment, there's a few things that I've learnt from this country:

1. I don't like stuffed portobello mushrooms, they taste funny.

They have pork included in their buffets! Finally!

Everything here is the same price as Malaysia, only in dollars.

Aussies don't like their pictures taken. Things will get pretty ugly if you do. Trust me.

Although mom and dad hates the cold, I love it!

Most Aussies are lovely people, always friendly and helpful. But some can be pretty rude, like last Sunday, I was taking a picture of a signboard and two white girls came by and went "What the fuck..." like really loudly and stuff. So, being the good Malaysian that I am, I turned around, gave them the sweetest smile and said "Fuck off, ladies."

Their local Spanna crabs are mad awesome!!

So far, I've only eaten the mud crab and flower crab. And now that I've eaten my first local Aussie, I can add the Spanna Crab to my been-there-eaten-that list.

The crabs costs about $20 per kilo, which would be about RM60 in Malaysia.

Anyway, dad wanted to try something new so he bought two crabs. We then killed it at home (well, Aunty Catherine killed it to be exact).

And steamed it with ginger and eggs. Yum yum!

The Spanna Crab gave me the impression of a combination between the mud crab and the flower crab; its meat is flaky and sweet like a mud crabs, while its shell is soft and easy to break like a flower crab.

And have you noticed that unlike the Mud crab and the Flower crab, the Spanna crab is red in colour before its even cooked? Interesting...

Point Cook, the place where I'm currently staying at is a peaceful neighborhood with lots of pretty houses and it seems like the Australians loves their gardens.

We also like hanging out at home, going on the computer and playing with their Wii. Especially my brother Daniel. He loves the Wii.

I've forgotten that the burgers here are twice the size of our little Malaysian burger. I ordered a fish burger for a snack, thinking that it'll be the size of the McDonalds back in Malaysia but instead, they gave me this Monster!

By the way, I only ate half the burger and its already more than enough for me. Mom ate the other half.

Another great thing about this place is... you guessed it! The public toilets.

You can find such toilets like these around the place. Just place some coins in it, the door automatically opens, and you are free to do your business with style.

The best part is that its always clean and not gross to place your butt on the toilet bowls and stuff.

Check it out! Practically all the toilets I've been to has a vending machine for all your needs during an emergency: Tampons, Condoms, Sanitary Pads, Lip Gloss, Deodorant, and even perfume!

The downside about this place is that the internet access is really slow. So for now, hold on to your pants for my next post about the recent Parade I went to see in the city! I had such a great time then.

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