Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Christmas Parade

If someone asked me what is the highlight of my year that happened so far, I'd say its the Myer Christmas Parade last Saturday.

Compared to the parade I saw in Hong Kong Disneyland back in 2005, I think this parade is the best one I've ever seen so far. Okay, so it doesn't have as many floats as I thought it would, but there are plenty of dancers and funny vehicles that went pass.

But perhaps its also the crowd and the cheerful atmosphere that makes the parade even more enjoyable, despite the light shower and cloudy weather early in the morning. I swear it was freakin cold when I first came out of the car. People were holding up umbrellas and we were so worried that the parade might be postponed.

But noo. As soon as the parade was about to start, it stopped raining and the sun was just coming up!

Also, there's some rules that we had to follow like the company have the right to take pictures of the audiences (like, what's up with the Aussie's having their pictures taken!?). And no recordings and stuff.

So anyway, after I managed to find a place to stand which is behind an old lady on a wheelchair, the first float arrived!

Folllowed by the others. And it so happens that the kids in the parade are probably from a participating school because the people in front kept shouting their kid's names in the parade.

And there's my favorite childhood show Sesame Street!

And here's more pictures of the parade! Don't blame me if some of the pictures aren't very good. Do you realize how hard it is to get a good picture in that crowd with all those balloons and waving flags and that old lady suddenly jumping out of her wheelchair without warning?


I'm surprised how these girls can tahan the cold, all dressed as minimal as possible, dancing in the streets...

And there were couples dancing the Tango. I wish I could dance like that.

At this point, my arms were already aching from taking so many pictures with the camera high up. Yet, I couldn't put my camera down because there was just too many things not to miss!

If only Malaysia was this exciting...

There's Santa on his Harley Sleigh!


Guess what? The Bat mobile is actually real and it can move!

I've just realized... why is it that there's only school girls who are performing at the parade and no boys?? *sigh* oh well..

Even the characters from Star Wars was there! When I first took a look at my picture of Darth Vader, I kept thinking that he was sticking out his middle finger...

And to end the great parade... an elf on a reindeer!

...with Santa at the back. But you know what he looks like right?

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