Friday, November 5, 2010

Nuts Over Nothing

Yesterday I was hangin out with my cousins for... actually the first time. From left, there's Aaron, Joeyee (Aaron's girlfriend), Sam and Daniel.

So we were all hanging about at 1 Utama to watch a movie but just as it was our turn to buy our tickets, we got out because we couldn't decide what movie to watch. So damn annoying lah.

In the beginning, we wanted to watch "Life as we know it", but it was running out of seats, then Aaron wanted to watch "Takers" instead, but it was rated 18 and its SO NOT my kind of movie, I, on the other hand said that I wanted to watch "Hachiko" but secretly, I wanted to watch "Megamind"...


But in the end, we made it to Old Town Kopitiam for some lunch. Sam ordered sausages and you'll never guess what Aaron did with the sausages unless you're dirty minded.

First of all, he lay the sausage down and using his chopsticks, slowly but carefully 'slides' the chopsticks down onto the poor wheener right at the bottom, not the middle. Then, he keeps sliding the sausage in and out of his mouth.

I swear poor Joeyee must've been suffering to see her boyfriend performing gay porn in the restaurant.

At one point, he even stuck out his tongue (because I told him to for the camera) until Joeyee totally freaked out. He was too fast so I was kinda disappointed that I didn't take the picture.

While we were waiting for our food, my secret wish came true; we decided to watch 'Megamind' haha!!

So while Aaron and Daniel went to buy the tickets, I asked Joeyee what's the one thing that bugs her the most about Aaron. And of course, she says that it drives her nuts when Aaron goes homo when he's with his cousins.

And I couldn't agree more. I mean, look at him!

But in his defense, he does have a 'manly' side...

That counts, right? 'Cause he's with his girlfriend?

Aww... that's soo cute!

After about.. what? Half an hour? They(mostly Aaron) wanted to eat some more. Wtf.

So we decided to play billiards and had cotton candy while we waited for our turn. They also bought gummies and marshmallows, but I didn want any 'cause I never really liked sweets.

The only candy I like would be 100 mangga , cotton candy and chocolate.

And these are the people from the same gene pool!

Fun fact: Samantha is actually taller than Aaron. She's 15 and he's 18. Walau eh! Damn malu! HAHAHAAA!!!

Aaron, I admire your lady's patience. Look at what she has to put up with in public XD

Oh yeah, when I first saw Sam's leg, I swear her leg is officially cursed. Something always seems to happen to her left leg. Like, the last time she fell on a pavement and got a piece of flesh cut off. And there's this recent one where she ALSO fell on the pavements while riding a bike and just look at her leg.

Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough, her big toe always have this tendency to be trodden on almost hmmm... I don't know.... all her life.

Yep, I think its cursed.

So finally, we went to watch 'Megamind' at about 4. All in all, I thought the movie was pretty cute. After all, how many villians end up with the girl and become good?

I loved hearing Will Ferrell's voice as well as Brad Pitts', they are one of the reasons why I wanted to watch the movie.

But what turned me off during the movie was those annoying little kids behind me who keeps repeating almost everything that has been said in there. Even the song 'Bad', by Michael Jackson would've been pleasant to hear if it wasn't those kids who was singing along really loudly.

I really had a great time, and Joeyee, if you're reading this, I've always wanted to tell you since we've first met that I LOVE your shoes!

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