Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lost in a Maze

I've always thought hedge mazes only exists on TV, but it looks like I'm wrong! Apparently, at the Enchanted Maze in Mornington, there are about 5 mazes and several brain teasers; Life size!

The entrance of the place looked amazing! I mean, they actually 'carved' images onto the hedge and I think it takes a lot of maintainance and creativity to make it last so long.

And there's the maze!

Of course, my favorite maze was the hedge maze.

So off we go into the hedge maze to find the buddhas and the Japanese garden!

In the end, we've found only 4 buddhas... oh well...

Ok, so I lied. We found 3 buddhas. Damn...

But every turn almost looks the same and its hard to tell which direction we should go to like its either left or right and stuff so it did take some time to get to the garden.

And when we got to the garden, I was kinda disappointed because it was really small. I was like, "That's it!?"

I was sorta expecting a bigger garden with a pond and ducks swimming about and a little hut in the middle of the pond with a bridge connected to dry land. Oh well...

Moving on to the other mazes, there are plenty of other things to see along the way!

Don't you think the garden looks fab?

Geez.. Samuel always have to ruin such a good picture!

So we've found another maze and this time, its impossible to get lost!

See? Nonetheless, its still a maze.

So what I've learnt about this maze is its the kind of maze the Buddhist monks would take a stroll in. You choose one of the paths and you must be able to make it back to your starting point through the maze.

Of course, its obvious that you can cheat, but it takes the fun out of it. Don't you think so?

Also, by the time you finish the entire maze, you would have covered 450 m.

And so, we all took different routes in the maze.

But in the end, all the routes leads to the starting point. So there is no right or wrong routes. Just right.

Then there was one of the most fun mazes... Snakes and ladders!

It was great to play one of my childhood games, but you know what sucked the most by the time we got there?

My camera's memory card ran out of memory. Dammit!

So anyway, after deleting a few lousy pictures, we found a maze/brainteaser!

So here's how the maze goes; see the wooden planks connected to every tyre? Each plank is painted in either the colour red, blue or green.

The goal is to make it to the center of the entire maze, BUT! You have to go along the coloured planks according to the colour sequence red, blue, then green.

Sounds simple, right? WRONG!

I'm telling you, I had a hard time trying to get to the center, until it was time for us to leave. So, I left unsuccessful... :(

There's also a few other brainteasers like this stringy maze above. This time, you don't exactly need much brains to finish this, you just need to be more flexible and most importantly, small.

All you have to do is to choose one of the coloured strings and attach your belt which will be provided to the chosen string and you must start from one of the posts, follow the string and get back to the post you came from.

Easy peasy (unless of course, you're as tall as my little brother Daniel who is more than 6 feet tall)!

Ahh! Its good being a 5 foot 6er.


  1. OMG *LIKES* lol!!! your blog is awesome and yes, I think mazes rock!!!
    Hahahah I always wanted to try busting through one (with a flame thrower prefferebly) btw, I found your blog link at the Brats resurrection post XD

  2. we were running out of time and did not come here. will try to work it out in my next trip. i love perth.


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