Saturday, February 19, 2011

Country Crossing Hurts...

Remember the bet I once made with Roann about the Cross Country race? Click here for the story.

Well... I lost T.T

BUT! That's because halfway during the race, as I was running along the grassy area rather than the concrete pavements because there were too many people, I fell over a ditch and twisted my ankle.

It was kinda embarrassing to cry in front of the teachers and other students, but it wasn't the pain that I was crying about. It was more of the feeling of defeat and helplessness as I couldn't get up and finish the race.

But its kinda upsetting to see that though there were some that saw me trip and fall, they didn't even bother to tell the teacher who is just a 5 minute walk away. The only people who ever stopped to see if I was OK was two girls who was running behind me. But after a few seconds, they had to go.

So I sat on the grassy side for a bit. My pants were torn and my knees were scratched but I could hardly move my ankle. In the end, I had to drag myself to the nearest tree to pull myself up. Even then, there were some scouts in front giving out check points and all they did was just give me a friggin rubber band as I was wincing in pain trying to walk on one leg.

Hello? Do I LOOK like I care about the race anymore? I could barely walk, let alone run!

Its sad to see how apathetic our youths are today; they can't even open their mouths to tell a teacher despite their concerned faces. Either they're too shy to do so or all they care about is the race.

In the end, Roann got the 10th place in the cross country race. I think its a great achievement for her and I'm happy for Roann :D

Oh yeah! I just discovered that my leg looks like this now...

*brace yourselves as this is not for the weak hearted*

And that's just the beginning...

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