Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Happened on Valentines Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY my dear readers!! I love you ya shnugly, bugly, wugly, dugly, dippidy doo doo :P

I wasn't really planning to blog about Valentines Day, but I felt that this is the most eventful Valentines day ever.

First of all, remember the time I once mentioned the guy who won't stop SMSing me here?

Well lately, we haven't been communicating for a while (to my relief) because either I always forget to reply, take a long time to reply, or just ignore his text messages.

Yesterday, after about 3 months of peace and quiet, he SMSed me again saying that he's in KL and wanted to know where I live. Of course, I found that a little creepy and I don't want some kid (well, he's a year younger than me. Not interested.) to come to my house out of the blue.

So I told him that I live in Damansara and I'm on a holiday in Penang right now. Haha!!

Today, he SMS me:
Happy Valentines Day! Too bad I'm in KL right now. Otherwise, I can come celebrate with you.

In my head, I was thinking:
Happy Valentines Day! Too bad I don't wanna celebrate Valentines Day with you. Otherwise, I would've told you that I was in KL the whole time.

I'm so heartless...

ANYWAY, in school I received my first Valentine gift; a little piece of Dodol(Google it if you don't know what it is) from Wei Kei, and a packet of Hershey's chocolate from Melissa! Yay!

Also, Vivian, Melissa, Jer Theng, Kavinaa and probably a few other girls from 5I who received a Valentines note today... I'M INNOCENT!! I DID NOT WRITE THOSE FRIGGIN NOTES!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Yea, some of the notes were written in cursive and I'm probably the only student in the entire school who normally writes like that, but a Valentine note!? Do I look like the mushy kind to you? I'm already uncomfortable hugging people, let alone write love notes to people! And they are girls lagi. If I were to write a Valentines Day note to someone, I'd write it to a guy I like, not a girl(s).

Oh! I almost forgot... Here's my Valentine nail art design...

Candies for your Valentine?


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