Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Woes

Hey hey! My dear readers!! My ankle is much better now, thank you. I can already walk normally now :D

Anyway, as most of you know, I'm throwing my 17th birthday party soon and I'm pretty excited! FYI, its the first birthday party I'm throwing in nearly 10years. Why didn't I celebrate my birthday in during the past 10 years?

One word; Lent.

Its the period when Jesus fasted in the dessert for 40 days before he was crucified and later resurrected from the dead. So during that time, celebrations of any sorts are forbidden and we're not supposed to eat meat every Friday.

Usually that season lands on my Birthday. So no birthday party for me :(

However, this year the season of lent falls on the 9th March which is 4 days after my birthday. That means I can 'legally' celebrate my birthday! YAY!!!

And so the invites are sent out, the guest list is set, the birthday cake has been ordered and the outfit is ready. But one of the things that bugged me most of all while I was planning the birthday party was the attendance of the guests.

Although the invite clearly stated by which date should you RSVP, most people wouldn't even bother telling me if they could come or not until I have to go up to them personally to ask if they could make it or not. Which by the way, is pretty embarrassing for me because then, I'd sound desperate or something like that.
During that time, I almost felt like shouting "RSVP my damn invite!!"

But now that everybody has confirmed their attendance, the next thing most people are bugging me about is what I want for my birthday.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. Usually, hardly anyone asked me what I want for my birthday until now that I'm having a birthday party. So its nice to receive more than 2 presents for a change.

So anyway, to make your lives easier, here's some of the things I'm interested in to help you choose my birthday gift. Yea, I know it sounds so perasan (self centered), but face it! I'm actually getting present(s). Not a present, but presents for once in my life!

I won't tell you exactly what I want, but I'll tell you what I like.

First off. I love Mini Coopers

See that? ITS MINE!!!
Another thing I like is...

That's right!
Nail art!

I also love to read...

Romance and comedies are my favorite.

I like to learn new songs on the piano. Currently, I'm interested in the Classics and the Blues or Jazz. But I like to play pop music as well. Bruno Mars is my favorite artist at the moment.

Also, you can never go wrong with accesories. Right now, I'd like to add some earrings to my collection. But everybody please don't get the same idea!

One of my recent obsessions are shoes; you can never feel too fat when you put on a pair of gorgeous shoes.

I like trying on high heels now, but in practical terms, I'd like a pair of casual sandals or ballet flats because I now only have high heels and I threw away my old sandals because it got old and torn.

I like embroidery, but lately I haven't been doing that lately because I've run out of threads and ideas. This is my lastest work. My mom and I did it together.

And finally, my favorite flowers are Roses. I fell in love with that Rose garden I visited back in Melbourne

That's all I can think of so far. But honestly, I'll be happy with whatever I receive as long as its coming from the people I know and love. Remember, its the thought that counts.

So now that you guys have a rough idea of my interests, Shoo! Don't bug me on what I want for my birthday again.

I love you guys.

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