Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

GONG XI FA CAI! 新年快乐~!

Yes, its that time of the year again; money, money, money $$$!!

Ahh... yes, CNY will always be my favorite time of the year. I probably like it better than Christmas maybe because you get the same thing; family comes over, makan-makan, and you receive things from them. Only instead of presents, you get cold, hard, cash.

Not that I hate Christmas or anything, no! I LOVE Christmas with the music, family and good food. Not to mention the presents. But the thing is, I'd prefer cash rather than presents because its the most practical gift ever. You can never go wrong with money.

As for presents, its more of a gamble on what you get. Like, if you want that gorgeous pair of shoes you were eyeing out at the mall, you get a pair of sneakers instead. Get it? People wouldn't really know what you want. Whereas when it comes to cash, you get to buy what ever you want!

What's more, what are you gonna do with the presents you received that may not be useful to you? In my case, there's no point in giving me candy because I'd probably just give it to some random kid. I don't really like candy, even when I was a kid. Maybe I just didn't like its artificial taste...

But one thing I know about every season is that I'll be sure to create a new nail design for the occasion!

Tada! Isn't it fab?

Walao eh! I'm seriously gaining weight during this festive season. And you will too if you live with my mom. In my house, its IMPOSSIBLE to go hungry. Mom wouldn't hear of it!

On CNY eve, our whole family came for the reunion dinner. There were 15 of us all together, and my mom practically cooked for 50 people! What's more, she wasn't really that well and the doctor told her to take it easy. Yet, my mom can cook up a storm!

If you come in here all skinny and half starved, she'd really feed you and by the time you leave this house, you'll be nice and chubby! Guaranteed!

Also, if you happen to come in groups with a big appetite, she'll probably cook twice the amount! Mom loves to cook for people who loves to eat, and I'm one of them. So if I ever grew up to be 45 and overweight, you know who's to blame :P

Today, I just came back from the gym after running 3 km when I was supposed to run 6 km. No motivation lah...

Once again, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Love you ^.~

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