Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beaches and Bikinis

Ahh! Its been a long time since I last went to the beach! But sadly, I didn't get to go scuba diving or snorkelling because of the Tsunami in Japan.

Might as well make the best of it while we were there. This time, I got to go on holiday with my dad's side of the family for once in my life. I feel much closer to them now.

The two lovely ladies above are my cousins. The little one is Catherine and the other one is Jie Jie Ah Mei (A.M). I think its the first time they've been to the beach.

It was Cathrine's first time in the water and she was quite scared. At first, I offered to carry her in the water but luckily, her dad which is Uncle Casey came and took her into the water instead.

As for Jie Jie A.M, she was nowhere to be seen near the waters. Last I heard she was reading a book with her mom. Such a boring activity to do when you're at the beach with good weather and cute guys walking by!

Come to think of it, I didn't see her in a swimsuit either. Oh well...

At the beach, you are sure to find some topless lady walking by. Unfortunately for you, most of these topless women are not young with the body of a model. No, they're mostly middle-aged with their newly tanned skin and large boobies bouncing under the sun.

Same old, same old.

Eventually, Catherine got used to the waters. I was busy taking pictures of excited tourists enjoying the waters. For example...

Look how happy my brother is at the beach! I've never seen him this excited in a long time!

Me camwhoring at the sea :D

There's Uncle Casey and Aunty Irene riding on the jet ski. *sigh* I wish I could do that too...

And that's my grandma with her new hat. She ate her first McD there. She never had the chance to eat one because her son whom she's staying with forbid her to eat that because he thought junk food was rubbish.

Even his children aren't allowed to eat it either.

Look! I turned Catherine into a sand mermaid! Whee!!

But this girl ah, just had to move her legs. Why!?

And now! Its time to relax and enjoy the sunny breeze.

Too bad that it was my last day at Phuket. I had to go home by myself because I had a Piano exam to take. Stupid exam...

Before my dad dropped me off, he gave me some money in case my aunt Margaret forgot to pick me up at the airport when I arrive. He told me if that happens, I have to go hire a Taxi, give the address and call aunty Margaret and tell her the details of the Taxi driver.

Just the thought of it was kinda scary because I've heard a lot of stories of men pretending to be Taxi drivers, pick up young women traveling alone, drive them somehwhere else and rape them or kidnap them and all kinds of stuff!

I was a little nervous being at the airport all alone and after I followed where to go according to my boarding pass, I nearly boarded the wrong flight to Singapore!

Luckily, the staff told me that my flight was changed and directed me to another gate where thankfully, I got on the correct flight to KL. Omg, imagine if the staff was really blurr and let me board the flight to Singapore... I seriously will have no idea what to do... guess then I wouldn't be able to take the test either.

I was sitting next to 2 ladies who must be French because of their accent and one of them had their iPod on to full blast. So loud that even I got to enjoy the music.

It was Michael Jackson all night through... ahh...

By the time I arrived at KL, I was SOO relieved to see Aunt Margaret waiting there! Phew! If she never came, I might piss my pants!

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