Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Sweet 17th Birthday

Hello my dear readers!

To all my friends, family and not forgetting my readers, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I'm glad that you guys have thought of me on this special day (actually, that special day was on 5th March, but still!).

This would be the best birthday ever! This party wouldn't be a success if it wasn't for my good friends, Roann, Melissa and Rachel for helping me plan this party. Of course, this party wouldn't have existed either if it wasn't for my parents who made it happen!

So thank you so much you guys, love you lots!

No, this lovely bouquet of flowers isn't from my secret admirer. Its from my Godparents, Uncle Tony and Aunty Susan who couldn't make it for my birthday because aunt Susan isn't feeling well. Get well soon!

I'm so happy with this unexpected gift (secretly, I've always wanted to receive a bouquet of flowers even if there is no relevant occasion for it. Who doesn't?)!

Btw, there was some Ferero Roche that was part of the bouquet, but they all got eaten as the hours passed.

Aww... man, I forgot to take a picture of my birthday cake. It was a damn awesome cake too! Ah well, remind me to take a picture of my 21st birthday cake then, kay?

Oh yeah! See this dress? My mom's friend, Aunt Julie made me this dress! I'm so touched. I absolutely love the roses!

Me and ma girls Vivian, Rachel, Melissa and Jer Theng :D

This is Melissa. Her dad is our caterer and his cooking is spectacular! Honest! Even my parents think its really good (and trust me, when they say its good, its really good).

Me and my cousins Aaron and Sam (Sam and I share the same birthday. She's 16 this year).

These are the people who danced their way to RM50 that I offered to the winner out of the blue :P

One of the nicest gifts I've ever received was this cute birthday card my niece and nephew, Luke and Madeline made for me. Aww....

Ok, I admit that I can't read or understand some of the words they wrote there, but I really like it nontheless because I think its really sweet they took the time to make me a card. Nobody has ever made me a card before.

And look at this! A Parker pen! These things vary between RM50 and above. Some are even as expensive as RM500!

Check it out! This pen even comes with a warranty card. A freakin warranty card!

The best part... its engraved Happy Birthday! Like... wow...

And do you know what was the biggest OMG factor about this gift? Its from our new neighbour who lives next door! I thought they hated us!

Everytime we greet them with a hello or good morning, etc, etc... they just look at us blankly and totally ignore us. Except for the kids, they'd greet us back but the parents would ignore us.

I guess this gift had totally changed my perspective about them.

I was looking out for them to thank them personally, but I haven't seen them around. So I wrote them a Thank You note with my new pen and put it in their mailbox.

Also, thanks to my well-known knack of creating nail arts, my collection of nail polishes have expanded to 24 polishes in total.

So right now, I'm experimenting with my new nail polishes which I got from Jer Theng, Sophia, Vivian and the Malay girls in my class. I don't know which one of them got me that gift (the malay girls, not the other ones I've mentioned above).

And now my favorite gift is this picture frame of Melissa, Rachel and I. Thank you so much for the awesome picture frame. You guys are the best. I love it!

Other gifts I received was a gold charm bracelet my parents got me, a silver charm bracelet from my classmates, some makeup, T-shirts, decoratives, a teddy bear, soap, and lots. Of. Chocolate!

Oh yeah! I also got something from Nuffnang...

Woo! 4 free movie passes! Yay!!!

I LOVE YOU NUFFNANG! Thank you so much!!!

This is the best birthday ever...

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