Friday, March 18, 2011

Lock and Load

Yes, believe it or not, that's me. With a real gun. A Caliber .22 to be precise.

Oh yeah, I feel so dangerous right now!

We we're just cruising around the place with the car we rented from the airport and found this place. Word of advice: don't go in with small children and make sure you wear ear muffs in there. Trust me, it could get pretty loud in there...

Ooh! Look at all these pretty guns!

Guess which gun I chose.

Of course, somebody had to teach me how to use a revolver first. So this guy here has to supervise me while I'm handling the gun. I've had 10 bullets in the gun so I had 10 shots at the target.

Check it out! I scored 60%. Not bad eh?

Then its my brother Daniel's turn. He chose the Caliber 9 m.m. Guess how much he scored?

42%! Hahaha! And he plays those shooting games on the computer all the time!

Then, its my dad's turn to shoot the target. He also chose the Caliber 9 m.m.

Can you guess how much my dad scored?

43%! Only 1% higher than Daniel!

In your face, Daniel :P

And so, the top scorer at the shooting range is....






Duh.... ME!!! YAY!!

Of course, we did take a few stops along the way whenever there was something that caught our eyes. For example, this Jumbo here...

Like, the moment we opened the car door just for a sec, it STINKS to the high heavens! But, you know, we're animals lovers. So, we can tahan the smell...

We bought 2 baskets of bananas to feed the elephants. I don't mind touching the elephants so much, but Daniel and my mom were complaining that they had elephant snot on them. So... I'd prefer to keep my distance.

You know how when you pick your nose and sometimes you get this glob in either yellow, green, or grey, etc, etc...? I wonder what do you get if you picked an elephant's nose....

Thai Pepsi. Not bad. Tastes a lot like Pepsi.

Here in Phuket, there's loads to see at night. The roads will be closed which makes more walking spaces as we walk by the bars and pubs. If you're a man of religion or how do we say it... err.... holistic? I wouldn't go there if I were you.

But I'm not you, so... in we go!

Check it out. Every night, these 'girls' would go up there to pole dance and stuff like that. But do you know why I put 'girls' for?

Because they're all men. Yep, you're starting to regret that you guys ever felt attracted to them huh?

Guess the sex of these lovely ladies! Guess it wrong and I'll be so disappointed in you.

They all have dicks! To those who guessed it right, I'm so proud of you. To those who got it wrong... I will pray for you...

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