Friday, April 1, 2011

Doctor for a Day

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!! I love april fools day because its probably the funniest day of the year. Pulling pranks on people is always the highlight of the day, but being pranked by others... not so pretty...

Here are the list of pranks I've pulled so far:

1. I told my dog to chase a non existent cat and she nearly fell for it! Hahaha!!

2. I pretended that there was a mosquito on my friend's back and helped 'kill' it.

3. I visited my brother's room early in the morning to play the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black (trust me, he hates the song to the guts).

4. I told my friend that there was something on her forehead when there isn't anything.

AND FINALLY! My ultimate prank:

5. I made a poster of my friends doing plastic surgery and stuck it at the back of the class a day before April Fools day! HAHAHAHA!!!

After that, a lot of people heard about the poster and they all came to visit our class to see it! The look on *Pam (not her real name in fear she will kill me after her sudden fame in school and now the internet)'s face was PRICELESS!

I even told her that I pasted a few more in the canteen, the girl's toilet and the boy's toilet so she has to go round the school for a wild goose chase looking for the posters I never pasted up XD

All I can say is BEST. APRIL. FOOL's. DAY. EVER!!!

And how did I get a hold of their passport photos? Simple, for some strange reason, Pam has a picture of her and my friend, Molly(again, not her real name. And if I put out her real name, she will kill me for sure!) in her pencil box...

And that's how my twisted idea of a joke came to be. So I 'borrowed' the photos, scanned it, took it back to school and put it back into her pencil box and she didn't even notice! Hahaha!!

Molly didn't know about the poster until later after recess when I placed it on her desk. How did she know it was me will still remain a mystery. Maybe its because the title of the poster : PLASTIC SURGERY by Dr. Wong gave it away.

Right after recess has ended and it was Math period for my class, Molly, who's class was downstairs ran all the way upstairs to my class just to yell at me "DOCTOR WONG! YOU ARE DEAD!!!"

Ok, it wasn't exactly what she said, but it was something like that. LOL.

Ever since then, I became Doctor for a day and everyone kept calling me 'Dr. Wong'. Not that I mind anyway, I think its cool to have such a title :D

Also, there was another poster I found on twitter that nearly gave me a heart attack:

I'm sure you guys are pretty much aware of Rebecca Black who became a viral hit on YouTube within a week with over 60 million views. Unfortunately though, she's famous for the worst song ever!

Don't believe me? Just listen to her song.

If you just click on the link which leads to YouTube and look at the number of people who like or dislikes the video, you'd be shocked to see that nearly 90% of the viewers HATED the video!

Apparently, this 13-year-old's parents paid the production company to record her song along with an accompanying video to go with it and posted it on YouTube. Though she is hurt by the tons of haters comments, she refused to put down the video because it would 'please the haters'.

That I gotta admire. The girl's got guts.

I admire her courage, but that doesn't mean I like her song. The thing is, the song is too repetitive with too many 'Fridays' and 'weekends' in her lyrics. Its too boring! Plus, the video is kinda cheesy and as for her voice... tak sedap lah...

A lot of people said that she's like the next Justin Bieber. I'm not exactly a fan of JB, but if I had to choose between Rebecca Black or 1000 Biebers, give me the Biebers anyday man...

Sorry girl, it just ain't gonna work...

Oh yeah! Back to the poster. Luckily, for the sake of Rebecca and her non existent Malaysian fans, the poster is an April Fool's joke; there's no such thing as 31 days in June.


How was your April Fools??

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