Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drive! No, BRAKES!!

Its been a crap weekend.

Yesterday was supposed to my first day of driver's Ed. Unfortunately, due to some err... troubles with the agent and the driver instructor, it has been postponed to next week.

So to kill some time, my mom took me out for a drive. And by drive, I had to drive the manual car.

I've been driving the manual car a few times and I'm already used to changing the gears. The only problem standing in my way was to make a U-turn.

It sounds simple, but I couldn't seem to get it right as I had to turn the vehicle quickly so that I don't get in the way. The problem is that I get confused with my mom's instructions. Especially when she panics.

Like, when we're at the U-turn, as usual I would put on the signal before I go and change to low gear. After that, things got ugly. As I was about to move forward, I saw a car coming by and I stopped. Then my mom told me to go.

So I hit the gas and the car moved forward. Suddenly, my mom shouts, "BRAKE!" so in panic, I braked. Then she went, "What are you doing stopping in the middle of the road!? MOVE!" Then I moved. At this point, my mom began to scream, "STOP! BRAKE! What are you doing!? BRRAAAKE!!!"

And while this was going on, the car I saw earlier before was right behind us and we were causing a jam. Why the hell did she ask me to stop?

So I quickly drove forward and my mom was really freaking out. And honestly, so was I. After we got out of that mess, I heard mom say, "What the f**k..."


The worst part is that I was driving next to a police some more :P

Its my first time on the road and I have no idea what am I supposed to do at the U-turn. I'm frightened, confused and screaming confusing orders at me isn't helping!

After that ordeal, worst comes to worst, I found tears springing out of my eyes. It was awful! I really hope this doesn't happen with my driving instructor!

I've been dreaming about it last night. Except the only difference was that while my mom starts screaming at me, a cow out of nowhere jumps out and... we got hit by a cow. I know, weird... and there isn't any cows in Sungai Long...


Ok, apart from my recent trauma, I'm soo disappointed that I'm unable to go to Bruno Mars' concert today 'cause I couldn't get those tickets T.T

You know what's the worst part? Its that all this time, my brother has a friend who won a pair of tickets and unexpectedly got another pair of tickets from his sister who had to leave for Australia before the concert. And my brother got invited and he turned it down!!

Oh, and did I mention that he could've met Bruno Mars because his friend has a Meet n' Greet pass?

I could've strangled him if he hasn't got a big neck...

Why didn't he tell me? He knew that I wanted those tickets so badly! After I found out that the tickets were sold out, Melissa and I got really desperate and tried out all the contest for Bruno Mars' concert tickets and we didn't even win one!

We were even on the verge to skip school just for that small chance of winning a pair of tickets from the radio station. But because of our good concious, we stayed in school and depended on the adults who didn't seem very interested to win the tickets for us.

We could've won the Maxis contest, but because of some disagreement between father and daughter (Melissa and her dad, not me) we decided not to go for it. If only I was a Maxis subscriber things would've been different! Now we regret because that's how my brother's friend got the tickets...


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