Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm a Driver!

LOOK! Yep, that's right. I've got my L License! It won't be long until I get my P License (my L license expires in 2 months anyway) :)

My picture looks crappy. Next time, my official Driver's License picture will be waay better!

So today was my first diving lesson. I was pretty much relieved that my driving instructor speaks English so I'm more comfortable in asking him questions.

First thing he taught me was how to check the car engine. Which means I have to open up the car battery, check the engine oil, etc, etc...

And while I was sticking my hand into different parts of the car engine, I had to be careful not to ruin my nails at the same time. Yeah, I did my nails for the occasion. I just had to.

But it was an awesome design. Look!

Cheetah prints, the symbol of speed and power!

Anyway, after checking on the car, we drove on the main road. After my ordeal with driving with my mom, I could pretty much take anything that could possibly scare any new driver without freaking out.

During the ride, my driving instructor said when he first saw me, he thought I was a Malay... wtf...

Am I THAT dark!? Oh man....

Everything went pretty much smoothly. That was until when we about to reach the traffic lights, the car died. Just like that.

It really took me by surprise. I thought I got everything right; I could change the gears just fine, I drove at the right speed, I could manage the car just fine. What did I do wrong?

The worst part is that we were blocking traffic and I couldn't revive the car engine. Even the driving instructor couldn't restart the car!

Eventually, we pushed the car to the side of the road while another driving instructor who happened to pass by came to help. I was relieved that I didn't do anything wrong but it was the car that had the problem.

I wonder what was wrong, we checked the car before we left and it was just fine. Maybe it was the wires, I dunno....

So in the end, my driving lessons were cut short and I had to take a ride on the back seat with another learner driver who happened to be driving pass back to the Academy. The student who was driving didn't seem very sure about changing gears and she drives pretty fast.

I was scared....

But on the bright side, I found out that my time was almost up by the time the car broke down so I didn't really miss much. I just needed to know how to drive that's all.

I can't wait till the next lesson!

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