Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Great Mascot Party

Terribly sorry for not updating my blog for quite sometime. Recently, I went to Genting Highlands with my family because we've been invited to attend Genting's 3rd anniversary mascot party. For your information, my parents are the owners of the company 'Livetoys' where they make mascotts and costumes. Livetoys is the company that provides the mascotts and costumes for Genting.

When we' ve reached the outdoor theme park, the place was decorated with christmas decorations. It looked great!

What's more, the weather that day was perfect; not too hot, not too cold. It was bright and sunny unlike my previous visit where it was raining, cold and miserable. The mascott parade was to be at 2 in the afternoon. So, my brother and I went for a few rides first. The ride I wanted to go first of all was the go kart. I've never tried that ride before and so I made sure that I'm going to experience the joy of driving. Nothing's gonna stop me now.

I waited for more than an hour because just as it was almost my turn, the staff had to take the go kart for maintainence. Oh bother! Nevertheless, I'm not leaving; I've waited too long for this.

At last, it was my turn!

I enjoyed the cool air blowing against my face and I felt like a racer!

My brother and I then had luch at MaryBrown in the theme park and continued our rides starting with the swings.

People screamed with joy and excitement as we were swung round and round.

When we came across the stage, there was the mascotts, all dressed up formally (created by my parents of course).

And finally, the Corkscrew!

Guess who I met on the way?

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