Friday, March 12, 2010

My Sweet 16th Birthday

What's up, my dear readers? Sorry it took so long to post out my updates on what I did last week. My laptop became extremely slow probably because of all the pictures I stored, the speakers couldn't work anymore and I lost the letter 'J' on my keyboard. So, I sent it off for repair. The shop wasn't opened for days which also contributed to the delay of my blog updates.

Now that my laptop is well again, I might as well update now before I forget.

Ok, so where was I? Oh right! My birthday.

So like I said earlier, since I couldn't celebrate, I did something I wanted to do for quite sometime and that is Paintballing! Its like a gun filled with little capsules of paint and you have to shoot your enemies with it, like a video game!

Sure, I don't mind getting paint all over me as well as bruises, but, that's part of the fun, right?

I went to Sunway Lagoon with a few friends and cousins and we headed off to the extreme park located way at the back. We started off with the paintball targets.

That's my brother's friend, and cousin Jon at the back there with his eyes closed for some reason...

Unfortunately, the 3 on 3 paintball war game was unavailable as it was already booked for 2 days. We then headed off and came across the archery section and began to shoot some arrows.

Don't be fooled by this picture, I totally suck at this; I only made the target once and after that, its arrows everywhere!

Once we were done with that, we went dirt biking (at least, that's what I think its called)!

As our group was too big, we decided that the guys go first.

As the guys started their engines, my brother Daniel got too excited and he pressed the accelerator too hard and went on top of somebody! HaHAhAHA!!

Before we girls get to go, we have to wear these old shower caps...

Heehee! We look like the lunch ladies from a cafeteria.

After a while, Jon came back alone. He said that his legs went soft and basically, he was too scared to continue. So, I hired him as our photographer while I'm gone dirt biking.

When it was our turn, I got really excited (but not too excited like Daniel) and put on my helmet and gear.
Behind me was Sam (it was her birthday too. She's 15 this year).

And finally, my friend, Roann.

Until now, I still don't get what Jon means by your legs 'getting soft'. I had such a blast! As for Sam, she quit halfway because she couldn't seen to be able to control the vehicle properly. Everytime there was a turn, she'd get stuck.

Then, a staff would help her get the vehicle back in place, lets her take over and she gets stuck again! So, we continued without her. We went through a little forest with trees and stuff all the way uphill. It was a rough journey, but it was fun!

Then came the downhill part. I was scared to go down at first, but the guy told me not to use the accelerator and it all made sense again!

After that, we decided to go kayaking. Before that, I changed my shirt just in case I get all wet.

On special note, before we set off the guy was like, "If I catch you taking any pictures, I'm gonna fine you RM300."

And I went like, "Aww... really?"

But as you can see, I took the pictures anyway. He's probably trying to pull my leg.

Then came the best part; the Flying fox!

We were all geared up and we fly!

It was amazing! I went flying over the waters and saw the whole theme park!

When we've all had landed at the bottom, we went for a snack.

After a bit or two, we went bungee jumping.

Well, that's all folks! We had the best of times and this would be the best birthday ever!

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