Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Awesomest 2 Weeks of my Life

What's up my dearest, dearest of readers?

OMG, I've been ignoring my baby for 2 weeks because I've been having such a great time! I don't know about you, but, it was a blast and a much needed break after the mid year exams. I haven't even touched my homework yet...

I started off by going free and easy during the first few days like sleeping as long as I want, going online all day and NOT touching my homework. At all.

Then during the weekend, my brother and I went for a memory and leadership course. Now, I can remember all kinds of stuff! Just give me a list of words and I can remember it! Beauty eh?

Check out this poster I did over there. Epic.

Ooh! And there's the time I went to Genting with Roann and my family. We had such a great time there.

Man, this is the only photo that is decent enough to take a picture with a clown. This fella ar, when we tried to take a pic with him, he keeps pushing Roann away and goes away from me until Roann threatened that she'd choke him or something.

And here's the time we went to the... something temple along the way to Genting.

Check it out! We flew paper airplanes from our room in the morning when the sky is cool and breezy. We watched it fly outside and it really flew out there for a long time until we couldn't see it anymore!

Oh! And the day after that, when I already came back from Genting, I went out with two of my good friends Rachel and Melissa to watch TOY STORY 3 in 3D!!!

I can't believe TGV officially has got 3D at last and the movie was awesome and even better! I love it! To think of the things I had to do just to get the tickets!

So we were there at the ticketing booth lining up and the line was unbelievably long! I checked the movie screening and Toy Story 3 was about to be sold out and I was getting desperate 'cause I really don't wanna waste my time going there for nothing.

And that's when I saw the ticket reservation booth and PING! Its like a light bulb above my head came on and I knew what to do then.

So, I went to the reservation counter and gave the guy behind the counter a 7-digit bullshit number. He typed it down and not surprisingly, there's no seat. I acted shocked and surprised(I'm not such a bad actress, you know) and told him to type it down again. Once again, no seat.

The guy said that the number was a few months ago and I said that can't be, my friend gave it to me. Then, I pretended to call my 'friend' while Melissa was there pretending to scold me while I apologized pathetically.

And that's when I told him, "Sorry ar, I can't get her. Can I buy a ticket here anyway?"

The guy was like, "Actually, you're gonna have to wait in line then."

Then I was like, "PLEEESEE??" *batters eyelashes*

And that, my friend is how we got the best seats waaay at the back right on top where we could have the best possible view of the screen. AND watch the show in 3D.

Thank you, thank you very much. *bow*

If the person behind the counter hadn't been a chinese guy or if Melissa and I hadn't worn short pants and skirt, we wouldn't have the tickets. I guess luck was on our side that day.

But I'm never, gonna do that again. Unless another awesome movie comes out.

Hehe! I love this pic!

That's when we had our BEC Family Day the day after my movie episode. We had fun getting each other wet in Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat. I'll elaborate more about the event in my next post.

Heehee! Poor Amanda, innocently posing for the camera.

And last but not least, the St. John Marie Vianney play starring Victor Lee! Yay!

I'll elaborate on that play too in my other next post. There, I'll show you how I tried to look like an old lady. Really.

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot! Mom's kitchen is done and ready to cook!!

Check it out! BEFORE....




Its so nice to have our kitchen back again along with having a homecooked meals.

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