Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Readup #10

WOOO!!! Exams are over and the holidays are here! EEeEEeeeEE!!

So far, I haven't much things planned out for the holidays but I do have a motivational course starting this friday til Sunday. Until now, the kitchen isn't done yet. Apparently, the contractor said that they'd finish it in a month. Its been a week more than that so far. But how 'bout a sneak peek at my kitchen?

Here's how the kitchen looked like before.

And here's what its like on the first day of the renovation:

Here's another one! Before....


The kitchen is almost done now and I had already taken some pictures of it. Unfortunately, because my computer can't detect my camera anymore for some reason, I've gotta find some other way to download my pictures.

But I can tell you this, the kitchen looks great!

Hmm.... it looks like a really short post doesn't it?

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