Wednesday, June 23, 2010

St. John Vianney Play - The Musical

Yeah OK I'll embarrass myself this ONE time in my post so you gotta appreciate it because it's gonna be the first and last time I'm putting up dumb pictures of myself.

So the reason why I'm dressed up like that is because I was involved in our church play about St. John- Marie Vianney; the saint for priests. I play as the mother of St. John- Marie. I feel old.
A few posts ago, I did mention that I was supposed to be on of the kitchen maids who ran out of supplies and St. John prayed for it and POOF! There it is.

Lets just say Roann took over my role but its NOT because I did a lousy job (like I said, I'm not such a bad actress), I got promoted.

But I sorta felt guilty about taking over the original mother's role... I hope she doesn't hate me. Its not like I asked for it.

*I still wanted to play with the dough on stage*

But anyway, check out the amount of makeup Victor has to go through (he's our main character, St. John Vianney)!

If you look real closely, you'll notice that there's patches on his face. They put plasters on his face and tried to conceal it so that he'd have wrinkles. Eeee.....

Omg, if I'm the mom, that means I'll have MORE wrinkles!!

Wow. And I thought having pimples are bad enough.

But wait! There's more...

OK, so he looks pretty normal in this picture right? *why is he giving me that WTF look??*

I gotta hand it to him, he sure can take in loads of nonsense for the team. He's supposed to look bald so, he had to wear on of the teacher's stockings on his head XD

Being the main character, Victor has to go through loads of changes of costumes, makeup and yes, believe it or not, blankets. Man, it must be really hot in there having to wear layers of blankets so that he'd look fatter.

And here's Victor's final transformation!!

TADAAA! Hollywood makeup!

But seriously. Being the guy's 'mom', I had to go through some weird makeup too. Like two days before the big day, the teacher's tried to put 'old' makeup on me by drawing wrinkles on my face.

They made me scrunch up my face and they'd traced down the wrinkles. Sounds fine, right? WRONG!

Gosh, I never thought putting up makeup could be so.... painful.

While they were drawing wrinkles on me, I have no idea what kind of makeup tools were they using. But whatever it is, it hurts!

They keep pressing in something that felt like a toothbrush onto my precious face until by the time its all over, I discovered a few scratches on my cheeks. Luckily, they weren't noticeable. Thank the good Lord for concealer.

Yes, I can't believe I'm doing this either but this is me looking as old as possible. Eee... I look like one of my teachers lah!

Note that this is still me in the SAME costume and the SAME makeup. Lucky they didn't plaster wrinkles on my face like the other 'old men'. (They even put powder on my eyebrows and hair)

Like this guy. His wrinkles are blended in quite well I must say.

Did I mention that he's my so-called 'husband'?

Its sad though, that I didn't catch my partner's name. Its only on the big day that I found out who is the father. If I'm not mistaken, I think his name is Joseph?

That was the time we tried to walk like an old person together for the dying scene.

But sometimes I wonder. If St. John- Marie died of old age, how can I possibly be alive if I'm the mom???

I gotta admit though, the costumes look great! Because the play is set in the Victorian era, we have to dress up in an English- like manner.

Don't they look absolutely fab?

The guys don't look too bad either!

Nice hat!

Eh, I guess I haven't been trying to look old so here's the best facial old-like expression I could do. Oh God...

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