Friday, June 25, 2010

My Water Moments

My baby, the Olympus 1030 SW has been with me for 2 years now, but it has been 5 years since dad bought it.

It was a waterproof camera, being there faithfully during my dive trips.

And while I'm having fun!

But ever since the 'accident', my camera can no longer go underwater. Looking back at my water moments...

It would be nice if I could do underwater photography again.

These pictures represents my water moments because it brings happy memories of me fooling about weather I'm underwater or above. Either ways, someh0w I manage to get wet!

And that's why I need...*Gasp* The Sony Cyber-shot TX5!!

From what I've heard, this amazing camera bears the title of The World's Slimmest Water-Proof Camera!

And, and, and, not only is it an awesome looking water-proof camera, its shock-proof, temperature-proof, AND dust-proof too!

Plus, this beautiful camera comes with some marvelous functions like iSweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight, and Anti-motion blur. Yes my friend, this is the camera for me! ITS MINE!!

If I had such a fantastic camera like the Sony TX5, hopefully my pictures would be clearer, daring, and beautiful in addition to the fact that I would be able to have my underwater partner again; capturing a few of the amazing things I see during some of my dive trips and my silly days.


Check it out! First of all, the Sony TX5 produces beautiful images- even in low light! Besides that, its images are natural and vibrant as it drastically lowers noise level and achieves high accuracy in auto-focusing, exposure auto-correction, and auto white balancing; resulting in the beautiful picture as shown above ;)

Capturing perfect twilight shots

Not only that, with the Handheld Twilight mode, the images are boasted 50% less noise, allowing the camera to superimpose six visual frames to create a single optimized image.

Moreover, even when taking a picture at high ISO setting or without using a tripod, you still enjoy cleaner, sharper, images with Handheld Twilight.


Yes my friend, it really truly is water-proof. With this camera, I could take beautiful underwater shots up to 3m deep for 60 minutes. Which is pretty convenient as I love to go diving underwater in the sea!

Despite its fab exterior, this camera is one tough cookie. I could keep shooting even below freezing point up to -10 degrees Celsius! Which means I could take a mean picture during harsh weather!

Now this I gotta see! Sometimes, my camera gets dusty once in a while so I have to clean it whenever I want a clear picture. But with the superb dust-resistance of the Cyber-shot TX5, I'd get spotless images whatever the environment is! Yay!

This camera can take a drop of up to a height of 1.5m, which would be pretty useful to me as I'm pretty clumsy sometimes. Once while I was holding my camera, I slipped and almost fell off a jetty. Luckily, someone grabbed me just in time! Who knows what would happen if I landed on the camera!


Effortless panoramic photos

With this camera, I could take beautiful panoramic photos by sweeping the camera horizontally to create stunning landscape shots, or vertically to capture tall objects. Plus, it also recognizes faces or subject movement and cleverly stitches the photos together to create a natural-looking panoramic photo.

How cool is that??

Clear and sharp images in low-light environment

Now we're talking!

This anti-motion blur mode uses six superimposed frames to create one single optimised image with 50% less noise. This means I'm able to shoot clear and sharp images even with high ISO settings in low-light environment!

OMG! It takes 10 photos in 1 second!!

Woah! It has got to be the most awesomest feature ever!!

This wonderful camera can capture fast actions or a moving subject in a sequence of 10 continuous frames per second! This sequence of continuous shots are also grouped to simplify playback as the camera analyses each group in order to locate and display the best shot automatically!

Is this my kind of camera, or is this my kind of camera???

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