Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Victoria Market & Christmas Conserts (Goodbye, Melbourne)

Aww... it was my last day in Melbourne and I really wished I had taken my mum's offer to stay a bit longer here. This time, we went to a place which is familiar to me; the famous Victoria Market!

I've been looking forward all this time to visit that place again, especially to eat one of those American doughnuts! I've been told that these wonderful doughnuts are always sold out everyday and I'm not surprised! Unlike most doughnuts, this particular one does not have a hole in the middle. It has always been served fresh and warm with strawberry jam inside and sprinkled with sugar all over! Usually, I'm the type of person who's not into junk food or doughnuts for that matter but its soo good, that I couldn't resist!

Everything sold in the market are always well displayed. For example, the butchers displays their meat by arranging them in such a way that you can't resist making a purchase! The minced meat are arranged to look like the shape of a mini tower.

There's all kinds of stuff that you don't usually see in Malaysia; rabbits(skinless), buffalo buttocks, kangaroo meat, turkey(damn huge), and all kinds of stuff! To be honest, I kinda freaked out when I saw a bunch of skinless rabbits on display; I've never thought rabbits are edible because they're so cute and cuddley, but, apparently they are.

In Australia, rabbits are considered as pests as there are so many of them that a whole family of rabbits could bring a house down!

There's also a few places where they sell souveniers, but I didn't buy any (I'm a scrooge, you see). They sell almost anything; leather, skins, lights, T-shirts, you name it! Unfortunately though, there wasn't enough time for us to explore any further as it was about time for them to close!

I know, I know, I just had to show you that!

Check it out! Its a subway toilet! I wished I had to pee then as an excuse to use it, but I was in the car that time.

Later in the evening, we went to visit my little cousin Samuel's school as his school was having a christmas concert! Initially, the plan was that the families were to have a picnic in the school compound before the concert begins. But, because it was about to rain, the picnic was cancelled and we went straight for the concert.

The place was packed full with parents, teachers, relatives and students! When the performance began, all the parents were armed with either a camera or a video camera, waiting anxiously for their kid's performance.

The concert was great! The children seemed to be enjoying themsleves as they sing and danced with their classmates for the school and their families.

Samuel looked soo cute with his 'antlers' on!

I hope you can see this, Samuel....

Wah! This fellow ah, I'm telling you, the first thing after dinner was that he took his 'antler' headband and began to open the whole thing up just so to look at the wirings and kill the music attached to it.

Behold! The undead reindeer!

At about 10 p.m, it was time for my brother and I to leave to the airport. We were so sorry to leave! Outside the house, it was freezing cold and dark that I shivered the moment I stepped outside the garage.
And so here I am, back in Malaysia trying to get used to the weather here. It was so hot, that I practically melted the whole day. But now, I'm quite alright with the weather here. Although I regret declining mom's offer to let us stay in Australia a bit longer, I'm happy that at least I was there after all. I'll never forget the times I spent in Australia without my parents for the first time!

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