Sunday, December 13, 2009

Werribee Zoo

It was a really hot day that wednesday even the cold wind didn't help very much. The sun was scorching and the sky was so clear that not a cloud was to be seen. It was also the day we chose to visit the Zoo as I've never been to a zoo in Melbourne before. Not only that, it was the last day I was to spend in Melbourne.
As Angelyne had already finished her school term and is now officially on holiday, Samuel took leave from school just to spend time with us. The night before, I experienced food poisoning and vomited 3 times and stayed up during the rest of the night with very little sleep. Fortunately for me, Aunt Catherine stayed up late too and took such good care of me and I am very grateful for that.

Although I recovered right after I vomited the 3rd time, my stomach felt sore in a way like you've been exercising your stomach and abs all day and I was quite tired. Nevertheless, I really wanted to go to the zoo as it was my last day here and I didn't want to stay at home.

The Werribee zoo features animals from the safari, thus, no Koalas but I did see a Kangaroo there. At first, we planned to take a tour bus round the zoo in half an hour's time so that we could have lunch. But the lady at the counter being helpful, advised us to book the bus for a later time so that we can enjoy our lunch and relax and so we did.

Oh yeah! Did I mention that the restaurant is connected to the Meercats enclosure?

After lunch, we walked round the zoo looking at zebras, Lions, wild dogs and all sorts of animals from the Safari! We had such a great time and despite the pain, I enjoyed myself very much.

When the time came, we headed off for the bus stop for the tour. When it came, it was a huge one!

We were taken to so many places in the zoo! The animals seemed to be in good health and are well taken care of with plenty of food. Occasionally, I spotted a few wild rabbits hopping round the place and I doubt that its part of the enclosure.

Here's the best bit! We were then taken to a wide open range where animals of different species are put together.

It was really exciting being so close to an animal without being behind bars. When the tour was over, We decided to go home as I was too tired already and the sun was hot. And so I shall end here.

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