Saturday, December 5, 2009

Around Melbourne and Scienceworks

The weather here is quite cold and windy but the sun is hot, even scorching! Despite the number of stubborn flies that stick on to you non-stop, I still think Point Cook the place I'm staying at right now is a lovely place!

Behind the house is a river that goes round the neighbourhood. There's also a town about less than a 5 minute walk from here.

The are ducks, swans, little birds and all kinds of little critters you can find there (including the flies).

There's even a beach about 10 minutes drive from the house and its absolutely beautiful!

The next day, Aunt Catherine took my brother and I to this place called Scienceworks. Its something like the 'Petrosains' in the Petronas Twin Towers. The entrance fee is pretty good as it only costs $8 for adults while children and students are for free! They consider 16 and above as adults, thus, I got in for free as I'm only 15.

There were all kinds of weird but interesting displays with an interesting fact!

Did you know....

There's even this massive bed with a massive teddy bear mumbling out some random facts about the cycle of sleep.

Scienceworks has hosted many school fieldtrips including my cousin's school. That day, there were at least 3 different schools that came by so the place was quite filled up! Most of them were from primary schools, but there was also a group from high school as well! (there were a lot of cute guys over there, hee hee!)

At the other end of the place was the sports section where they teach us all about the different types of sports and the many famous athletes. There was even a place where we could find out more about our health and stuff which is pretty cool!

There are interactive games such as racing with Cathy Freeman, a famous track runner who could run a distance of.... ermm...... well a really long distance within 2 seconds flat!

We had such a great time there! Unfortunately though, we didn't get to see any of the shows like the lightning show or the planetarium show as we had to return home for lunch but I'm quite satisfied anyway!

Here's the ancestors of my camera!

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