Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010!

Its New Year's Eve, Christmas is over and I'm still stuck here in my room. We're nearly at the end of 2009 like as if it just comes and goes.

First of all, lets list out some of the good times that happened this year:

1. Michael Jackson, along with Farrah Faucet has passed away and moved on to their next life. *a moment of peace*

2. Chris Brown beat Rihanna.

3. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with.... lots of women.

4. The massive earthquakes in the Philippines.

5. The economic crisis.

6. Adam Lambert got 2nd place in American Idol.

Hmm...... isn't this a little on the negative side?
But on the other hand, we've discovered a new disease! H1N1!

Wait.... never mind....

Okay, so yeah, 2009 pretty much sucked 50% but lets look at the brighter side of 2009!

1. America has elected its first black president (and this one is waay better than the last guy ermm... George Bush?)

2. Sophia (my cousin's wife) is pregnant again! Congratulations!

3. I officialy became one of the BRATs!

4. I had my article published in an international sports magazine!

5. Tiger Woods got beaten up by his wife. Justice is served!

6. I actually traveled overseas without my parents for the first time to Australia.

I guess in conclusion, there were some ups and downs in 2009 but, being humans, we can take it!

Have a jolly new year! Happy 2010!!

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