Friday, July 17, 2009

Bling and Shine

Weee! I love shopping with my mum. Yesterday, we went shopping for clothes then jewelry.

My mom wanted to change a few baby earings and necklaces of mine and repair a few of her's
It was soo cool! We actually spent about 2 hours at the jewellers store.

Finally, we exchanged my baby necklace for this gorgeous gold and diamond chain. Also, we changed my brother's baby necklaces too.

Though, I bet he'd never wear it. Might as well give it to me ^.~

Aren't they fab?

I simply couldn't resisting trying it on. Sooo.......

Heehee....... I know my pictures suck. I'm not so good at taking self portraits.

Too bad I can't wear it because of school and stuff. Might as well enjoy the moment before I give it back to mom.

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