Monday, July 6, 2009

Terrific Tioman Trip

Although this was about a month ago, I just wanna share some of my wonderful expeience in Pulau Tioman. (well, I have nothing interesting to blog about, so....)

As this was my first dive trip alone, I was pretty much excited. All alone in the wilderness....

Well anyway, this wasn't my first trip to Tioman Island. My first was absolute crap, honestly, I didn't really enjoy it there that time. Hopefully, it wouldn't happen again......

Fortunately, it was at a different location. This time, I was with Kids Scuba; a club where they specially teach children how to scuba dive. Once they have been certified, they would be known as Scuba Rangers. I'm not a Scuba Ranger, if you're wondering. I'm too old. Lolz!

Nope, I'm a Jr. Open Water Diver and I'm proud of it!

So this was the place I was staying at.....

Every morning, a LOT of moniter lizards would come out for a swim. That was a fat one....

Well, on the first day, I had nothin much to do, so I went snorkeling....

There wasn't much to see at the shore, although some of the Open Water divers did go scuba diving there to get their certification. I already got it, haha!

Seriously, though, I can't see a single life form in there. Just sand.

The next day was the opening ceremony of our dive trip.

There were 3 groups of divers; Scuba Rangers, Open Water Divers and Fun Divers. I'm in the Fun Divers group cause I'm already certified.

Our dive crews were Adam, Tom and Richard. Tom was the one of the few people that caught my attention. He's about my height with brown eyes, long, blond, curly hair and if I'm not mistaken, I believe he's a dive master trainee. Also, I think he's about in his twenties and must've come from England like the Brown family that was with our group. I know that dosen't sound unusual, but he reminds me of the type of American surfers who covers their eyes with their hair and goes, "Dude!". He dosen't do it anyway, but I guess I watch too much TV.

Just gearing up for our first dive.

The first dive was pretty good I had to admit, it has all kinds of creatures and corals all around. The only creature I wanna see in the wild most of all is a turtle. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see one there...

The next site was just as good too...

Dosen't this coral look beautiful???

OMG! Could it be?

YES! Its a living, breathing, TURTLE!!! I LOVE TIOMAN!!

The next day was also another exciting trip, including a mangrove tour.

Oh yeah, check out what the kids did to one of their dive instrustors that night........

....... that's what you get for making them paint a picture of their thoughts.

Right, back to the dive trip. Check this out!

Isn't it awesome?

That's the Crown of Thorns Starfish. Really poisonous and eats up corals.

After the dive, we had lunch then we went out for the mangrove tour.

During the tour, we were told to help clean up rubbish along the way. I think its an excellent idea to teach the kids to care more about our environment because there were so many nets and strings from the fishermen's boats tangled up in the trees. Everybody helped one another in untangling and collecting them.

I've been taking too many pictures of people's butts.....

How 'bout another picture for the road???

See ya!

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