Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Live The King of Pop

Its been a week since Michael Jackson's tragic death and as a fan, I'm pretty heartbroken about it. During the week I've been listening to his songs and remembered how talented he was despite that he led a strange life.

Although the man has almost about everything; money, fame and fortune, he has been wounded many times before. Even after his death, there are still idiots in the world spreading lies about him. For the past few days, I have done some research about whether the things said about Michael Jackson was true or not. Born in August 29, 1958 and died in June 25, 2009 here's the result.

First of all, there must be a reason why Michael Jackson became fairer throughout the years, and I don't think its simply because he's tired of being black. The real reason was because the doctor told him that he had vitiligo. A type of skin cancer where white patches would appear on your skin.

So, the doctor told him that he could take away some of his pigments which would make him fairer rather than going out with white patches all over. And that's exactly what he did, I mean anybody would do the same thing right? So this whole time, everybody was making fun of a guy who has skin cancer...... nice guys, nice.........

Second, Michael has been accused of child molestation twice and labeled as a pedophile. Although there was an official investigation even a strip search, there was no strong evidence that he molested the child.

Even Elizabeth Taylor, an actress and a good friend of MJ defended him on the show 'Larry King Live' saying that she had been there when they were in bed watching television. There was nothing abonormal about it. They laughed like children while watching a lot of Walt Disney.

Furthermore, during the investigation, Jackson's profile was examined by a mental health professional; the doctor spent several hours with the accuser as well. The assesment made was that Jackson had become a regressed 10-year-old and did not fit the profile of a pedophile. In my opinion, I think the parents are only after his money by using their kids.

After all that had happened, its the media and idiots who are spreading horrible lies about Michael Jackson that destroys his reputation and himself. For example, a British newpaper reports that Michael Jackson died wearing a white wig........ no comments........

In reality, Michael Jackson is actually a nice guy according to his friends. He even broke the world record for his support of 39 charities, now that's a big number when it comes to money. He was the founder of the 'Heal The World Foundation' in 1992 and he even raised a million dollars for the refugees of Kosovo.

In short, people has their up's and down's including you and me. Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson, your music would live on forever.

Let the one who never sin throw the first stone.

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