Monday, July 20, 2009

Gingerbread House!

Just now, and organiser of an orphanage saw pictures of our gingerbread house from last year's Christmas party and wanted us to make another gingerbread house with the kids! Actually, my mom, brother and I decided to create our very own gingerbread house for fun last Christmas and auction it off or eat it up. Here's a photo of it;

How bout another one?

We were pretty proud of it, specially when we put all our hard work on it and I think it turned out beautifully. This is what it looked like before its finished:

It took us an entire day to finish it, and that's just the base. We had to make several batches of icing and buy lots and lots of sweets. (about 2-3 kg, I think or maybe I'm just exaggerating.) In the beggining, the icing was a lot of trouble because it just couldn't stay firm and it wouldn't turn hard, so, it was pretty frustrating at first. Then, we realized that we were missing an ingredient and we used the wrong type of sugar.

Later on, as we were putting up the fences, we used biscuit sticks, dipped it in hot chocolate and stik it on the pile of icing on the base. It looked good at first, but there was a fatal flaw; the biscuits won't stay still and it turned soft later on because they're biscuits!

Because of that, we had to take out all the 'fences' and replaced it with marshmallows instead. I thought the marshmallows looked ten times better after that. Don't you think so?

By the time we finished it, people weren't the only ones who were attracted to it; so were the ants. We had to blow them all away without destroying anything of the house and wrap it up so that it would be airtight. It wasn't an easy job let me tell you this.

It really took a lot of time and patience. Although it was rather tiring, it was definately worth it and the results are rewarding. Merry belated Christmas!

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